Expat Services

Feel free to contact us or leave a message if you feel we can assist you on your commercial journey into The Netherlands!

We know the legal and tax aspects of establishing a company in The Netherlands and would be glad to assist you in these matters! As a commercial law office in the Netherlands and our cooperation with experienced Expat and Tax consultants we can quickly advise and assist you in establishing a (limited liability) company in the Netherlands.

When communication is a problem we know the right interpreters who understand doing business in the Netherlands as well as in your home country! Communication in English or German will not be a problem for us but if you prefer to communicate in Chinese or Mandarin for instance we have access to Chinese or Mandarin interpreters and/or the Taiwanese business community in the Netherlands .

We offer you highly specialized services against relatively low costs
Since we are a flat and relatively small law office in direct cooperation with other small but highly specialized Expat and Tax consultants we can offer you quick an specialized services against hourly wages that will be much lower than you will pay to big (inter)national law- or accounting offices.

Company Law
Legal persons; establishing, concern structures, governing and liabilities
Intellectual property

Employment law
Preparation of and advice on employment contracts
Preparation of and advice on personnel rules and procedures
Primary working conditions
Secondary working conditions
Law governing dismissals

Tax laws*
Employers Social security and (individual expat) taxes
Company Taxes

Immigration law*
Visa applications
Work permits 

* in cooperation with our independent expert partners